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BigCommerce v/s WooCommerce – Better Ecommerce Alternative for WordPress

BigCommerce v/s WooCommerce - Better Ecommerce Alternate for WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system or a blogging platform that is continuously expanding. With the growth of technology and vast plugin development, it has emerged as a robust e-commerce solution for merchants. WooCommerce and big commerce are viable plugins to transform the regular WordPress website into an e-commerce engine.

So far, woo-commerce is the viable plugin considered, and the merchants find it difficult to administer their woo commerce-enabled store. As the scalability increase, sales graphs shoot up woo commerce’s performance declines and demands a dedicated server, team of professionals, additional extensions, site maintenance, and support.

With the emergence of a comprehensive e-commerce website builder, the big commerce had put an end to all the difficulties and given a helping hand to partner and support WordPress to work efficiently. Big-commerce gives you no reason to migrate from WordPress to other e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Magento.

Big Commerce v/s woo commerce.

Big-commerce is a SaaS-based comprehensive e-commerce website builder .it is software having all the elements of an e-commerce store include hosting, content design, cart, payments, support marketing features, and beyond. You can access it as a service on a monthly subscription Whereas woo commerce is a full-fledged WordPress plugin with all the functions that you need to run your e-commerce.
• a Woo-commerce comes free, and you get big commerce on paid subscriptions.
• Woo-commerce provides extreme flexibility by integrating many apps into an e-commerce website but configuring customization settings in WordPress demands a developer, and You can build an e-commerce website in an hour with big commerce and register and create website products.
• With woo-commerce, you are responsible for your business hosting speeds, security needs. You have to choose your hosting company. Whereas big commerce is a SaaS-based comprehensive website builder, takes care of hosting, speed, and security on a monthly or yearly subscription.
• Woo-commerce provides free and premium plugins. However, WooCommerce developers need to have root access to get the customization. Big-commerce is Robust, built-in, and simple to the user. It takes care of advancing technical tools such as schema, sitemaps, and SSL.
• Woo-commerce depends on its hosting company for the customer support team. But in big commerce has the representatives provide full support. They can log in and check your entire site setup and provide solutions to the error or needs.

Both Big commerce and woo commerce are robust solutions for your e-commerce websites. Choosing the right platform depends on your business’s unique requirements

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Website Development with React.JS for ecommerceCategoriesBlog

Headless Website Development with React.JS for E-Commerce

Headless Website Development with React.JS for E-Commerce

Get your React.JS technology-based efficient, interactive, and high-speed e-commerce websites of a different e-commerce platform for representing your products and services through X media. It has expertise in React.JS technology. These technologies provide tools for creating an efficient frontend and are also designed to make the whole UI development process versatile and efficient.

Why use React.JS for E-commerce?

• React.JS technology offers you versatile features and faster frontend development with code reusability.
• It provides component reusability saving time and money for the merchants.
• It has Plenty of developer tools.
• Virtual DOM.
• System updates the changing state of the online store to improve the website performance, efficiency, and memory consumption.
• Reusable components such as code reusability help merchants to avoid code duplicity, simplify codebase management.
• SPA with React router library that has utilized routing capabilities for a web app.
• Compatible with a variety of libraries that enables the implementation of unique features.

Benefits of choosing Xmedia.

• Frontend development with React.JS for your e-commerce stores is made easy with Xmedia developers can create a static web page using React. JS for the service pages. It improves the overall speed and accessibility of your website pages and enhances the loading speed of your e-commerce website.
• X media provides an efficient navigation experience with Headless architecture frontend React.JS developer offers you custom frontend design of your e-commerce store using React Jr from scratch and combine with the e-commerce platform backend using API.
• It allows the user to have a user app-like browsing experience. The whole website can be accessed on mobile devices using PWA (progressive web app) using React.JS. It provides app-like experiences to mobile users.

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How to Improve eCommerce User Experience

How to Improve eCommerce User Experience 

User experience is the perception (positive or negative) that the user has after interacting with your e-commerce applications and is measured in terms of the degree of experience. It is inevitable to optimize the user experience. Firstly, to have more sales because a happy user is a potential client or customer. Secondly, more user interaction. The longer the user stays in your e-commerce store, the longer they interact, the better the quality google rates your app/ website.

It is crucial to crafting your e-commerce store that essentially optimizes the user experience. Provide enhanced UX and increase the conversion rates and user retention rate with Xmedia e-commerce development services who build your application seeing the e-commerce store through your customer perspective and matching user expectations by adopting cutting-edge technology solutions.

Let us look into the essential practices developed by Xmedia solutions for an engaging e-commerce user experience.

  • Xmedia takes the loading speed of your e-commerce store seriously and swifts to 3 seconds.
  • Xmedia strives for simple yet seamless navigation to increase the discoverability of your e-commerce store products by providing a search bar, custom filters, CTAs, and leveraging facets to navigate between product categories easily.
  • The designs provided by x media not only attracts the users but also sells your products by highlighting the information on your product page such as product image and name, description and specifications of the products, price and availability of the product, shipping and return policy options and bridges the gap between online and offline store.
  • Get your shopping assistance with AI-driven chatbots and minimize the distractions in the applications. Offer ease of discovering and options to buy the products with one page check out.
  • Provides you optimized pleasant store experience on mobile phones and facilitates the navigation within the infinite scroll.
  • Optimize for a cross-device and omnichannel experience with x media by integrating all the channels seamlessly, providing uniform brand messaging.

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E-commerce Mobile ApplicationCategoriesBlog

E-commerce Mobile Apps

E-commerce Mobile Apps

Our e-commerce mobile app development company can help you with everything you need to build and maintain an e-commerce store. We offer you the right way to define, target, and communicate effectively with customers with our full-fledged services by extending the reach of your existing websites through top-notch quality designs, content-rich and transaction-centric mobile applications. We allow the user to work in real-time along with customers around the globe. Our prolific team of 150+ expert developers and design professionals have fine experiences over a decade in building mobile applications that meet market needs and standards. Warrant the brand identity, and mobilize the business growth while creating a lasting partnership between the brand and the client. We provide various services such as UI/UX match-up design, Theme development, product setup, third-party Integrations, marketing setup to a fully working store.

Expand your reach to the Mobile platform

Our team will help you outperform and edge over your competitors with our tailor-made solutions through high-performing and digitally radical mobile apps. We allow your apps to be in the customer’s pocket by enabling the top-notch class quality design apps with the agile and linear development methodology.

Increase engagements

We offer a great way to define and engage your customers to create a long-lasting partnership with the brand by targeting or retargeting your users using push notifications, deal coupons, and inn-app messaging (allowing your customer to add video or photo reviews and comment on the goods they purchased). By enhancing the engagements of your customers, you will further promote the popularity of your brand.

Native & Cross-Platform Coverage

We have a highly qualified and trained team with extensive knowledge to develop scalable chartbuster top-notch customized native and cross-platform applications using the latest technology. We provide various Services such as UI/UX match-up design, Theme development, product setup, third-party Integrations, marketing setup to a fully working store.

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magento seo company in indiaCategoriesBlog

magento seo company

Magento SEO

You are interested in partnering with a Magento SEO company which has shown SEO performance in Magento?
One of the best business choices you make this year is to optimize your Magento search engines website. Since any good website owner would say to you – Google is the location where consumers want to purchase online goods. You will seriously boost your Ecommerce profits by being the business that pops up at the very time you want to shop. In terms of results, but if not designed for Google, Magento is one of the best Ecommerce sites – you might lose thousands of results per month for sales!

If the Magento website is being sold domestically or locally – our E-commerce SEO Agency has the expertise and strategies to get you more skilled website users! We will define which keywords will most probably become sales, optimize, monitor performance and continue to drive until you rule the market.
And trust me if your satisfaction with our results is just half the same as before the previous customers – your main concern is that you didn’t start using us early!

Local SEO

We will go through all your website and find some roadblocks that will keep you from having your
deserved customers and income.

Offsite SEO

We will analyze the rivals' tactics and approaches and develop our own Action Plan based on what works for them!

CRO ECommerce

In order to find ways to turn more of your visitors into paying customers through our CRO services, we will also review your Google research results.

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