BigCommerce v/s WooCommerce – Better Ecommerce Alternative for WordPress

BigCommerce website vs WooCommerce sites

BigCommerce v/s WooCommerce - Better Ecommerce Alternate for WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system or a blogging platform that is continuously expanding. With the growth of technology and vast plugin development, it has emerged as a robust e-commerce solution for merchants. WooCommerce and big commerce are viable plugins to transform the regular WordPress website into an e-commerce engine.

So far, woo-commerce is the viable plugin considered, and the merchants find it difficult to administer their woo commerce-enabled store. As the scalability increase, sales graphs shoot up woo commerce’s performance declines and demands a dedicated server, team of professionals, additional extensions, site maintenance, and support.

With the emergence of a comprehensive e-commerce website builder, the big commerce had put an end to all the difficulties and given a helping hand to partner and support WordPress to work efficiently. Big-commerce gives you no reason to migrate from WordPress to other e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Magento.

Big Commerce v/s woo commerce.

Big-commerce is a SaaS-based comprehensive e-commerce website builder .it is software having all the elements of an e-commerce store include hosting, content design, cart, payments, support marketing features, and beyond. You can access it as a service on a monthly subscription Whereas woo commerce is a full-fledged WordPress plugin with all the functions that you need to run your e-commerce.
• a Woo-commerce comes free, and you get big commerce on paid subscriptions.
• Woo-commerce provides extreme flexibility by integrating many apps into an e-commerce website but configuring customization settings in WordPress demands a developer, and You can build an e-commerce website in an hour with big commerce and register and create website products.
• With woo-commerce, you are responsible for your business hosting speeds, security needs. You have to choose your hosting company. Whereas big commerce is a SaaS-based comprehensive website builder, takes care of hosting, speed, and security on a monthly or yearly subscription.
• Woo-commerce provides free and premium plugins. However, WooCommerce developers need to have root access to get the customization. Big-commerce is Robust, built-in, and simple to the user. It takes care of advancing technical tools such as schema, sitemaps, and SSL.
• Woo-commerce depends on its hosting company for the customer support team. But in big commerce has the representatives provide full support. They can log in and check your entire site setup and provide solutions to the error or needs.

Both Big commerce and woo commerce are robust solutions for your e-commerce websites. Choosing the right platform depends on your business’s unique requirements

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