eCommerce Development Services

Sell online & grow your revenue with e-Commerce Solution

eCommerce Development Services

Sell online & grow your revenue with an e-Commerce Solution
Ecommerce Development Services

Ecommerce Website Development Services

At Xmedia, we provide you with innovative and sophisticated eCommerce services that help you take your online business to the next level. We understand the changing dynamics of electronic commerce and provide you with solutions that make the complicated process of conducting online business easy. We follow a customer-centric approach to evaluate your key demographics to provide you with eCommerce services that are best suited for your business. We also provide timely updates on the performance of your websites as a measure of how our services are working towards your goals.

We develop Ecommerce websites that enable you to outgrow, out-performance, and outshine your competition. Check out our latest case studies to learn more about how we help entrepreneurs like you develop technology or website to reach the Mount Everest of their ecommerce world.

Speed up and simplify team building
Based on data from 3k teams it takes 5 months to achieve peak performance. Our approach to team building allows us to build a high-performing team in five weeks.
Get much Faster and Quality Results

Hay Group’s study shows that engaged teams outperform competitors by 2.2x. Leverage our best teams having 9.4 employees. Take advantage of proven experience.

Stop micromanaging remote developers
According to Gallup 90% of teams’ engagement and productivity depend on managers. 530+ businesses trusted our tech leaders who scored 95.6% on service quality.
We develop eCommerce websites on the below platforms

Advanced features of eCommerce development

Our pool of talents and professional workforce create an eCommerce website solution from the scratch. The end results of web development are inconsistent with your business needs with our add-on features.

Custom eCommerce website design
Your sales begin the moment a lead drop into your website. Create unrestricted customization of websites with a unique combination of themes,  templates, plugins and addon’s to give The best customer-oriented experience.
Find online store solutions in your mobile devices such as smart phone, tablets and beyond. The websites are responsive to mobile phone platforms.
Product Categories Management
Help the customers to find their products easily by category management. Various products are categorized based on their common attributes.
Payment gateway integration

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Shopping cart development
Streamline your sales, payment, tax, and shipping procedures by efficient shopping cart development with the ingenious expertise of the team.
Maintenance & support

Keep the risk at bay with 360-degree support and maintenance of your e-commerce website. We prevent minor issues from becoming major.

Ecommerce Development Services

Why Choose Ecommerce Development Services?

Ecommerce Website Design or Development
Xmedia is one of the most recognized web development & design company in India and los Angeles, USA, with two decades (almost 20 years) of experience with 200 + Software professionals & Domain Experts that offer to build a professional and reliable foundation with powerful eCommerce solution and stay competitive by your outperformance.
Ecommerce Marketing
Generating sales is the ultimate goal of any business. Xmedia provides cutting edge e-commerce marketing solutions to thrive your business. Top scale your business leveraging our best ecommerce marketing practices. SEO is an integral part of eCommerce marketing. Xmedia solutions, provides expert digital marketing strategies for improved google search results.
Payment Gateway

Xmedia provides a fast, secured payment gateway that supports multilingual and different currencies with multi tax rates. credit card/debit card/ UPI/ net banking/wallets and also direct payments are authorized and accepted.

Ecommerce PPC Advertising
Xmedia uses an e-commerce PPC (pay per click) advertising strategy such as google ads, to bid on keywords for clicks to their websites and gets you to your targeted audiences and drive high-quality website traffic, and offers healthy ROI.
Chatbot Integration

Xmedia offers optimize customer services and communication with online chat conversations via text powered by TIDIO. The chatbot integration typically replies to anything that you ask regarding the company and services in real-time. The company never sleeps for your questions/ queries.

Ecommerce Analytics

Xmedia allows you to make data-driven decisions that will drive more online sales by gathering and using data from all the areas that have an impact on your online store to understand the trends in consumers’ behaviour.

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E commerce is a process of buying and selling of goods and services electronically. World is digitally connected seamlessly. Internet has become the basic element in our day today life. It is important to switch your traditional business to e commerce. E commerce is a business revolution where your business can reach globally within few clicks and have a market presence which is a vital factor in any business growth and sustenance.

E-commerce website development is important for your business regardless of any scale of your business as we are living in a digital era and web presence of your business is very important to drive your business to success. Grow your business very conveniently, with wide and global exposure with efficient e-commerce websites. Business without its own a website lags behind in today’s competitive world.

There are numerous reasons why many e commerce sites have failed. Some of the important reasons are the plain design of the website which doesn’t Anchor your customer to the website, Lack of marketing plan, high pricing of the products, no website ranking in the google, lack of call to action, no quality contents, lack of promotion and beyond.

We see many numbers of companies which provides e commerce web development services now a days. Finding a shark in the ocean is a tough task. To choose the best web development company you need to prioritise some factors and dive into the track records of the company interms of specialisation, craftmanship, and capabilities in crafting a website that is visually appealing, user friendly and engaging.

• To start a successful e-commerce business, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to sell in the market. 
• Research the competitors, target customers, requirements, products, pricing, etc.
• Draft an e-commerce blueprint. 
• Find a suitable business model, product, and approach.
• Select the perfect eCommerce platform.
• Purchase a domain name.
• Find a developer.
• Pick your E-commerce theme.
• Customize your e-commerce Template.
• Add your products.
• Setup payment gateways.