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An Enterprise Resource Planning software helps you manage your resources efficiently. ERP helps bring transparency in business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes. Some of the modules of ERP include manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, warehouse management and human resources. We at Xmedia provide you with the best ERP solutions that gives you the edge to stay ahead in your business.

Modules of ERP Software

Inventory and warehouse management

Manage your inventory efficiently and never run out of stock with our intelligent Inventory solutions.
Our ERP software carries out the complex processes of inventory management with simple

Human Resource Management
Automate your key HR operations and achieve efficiency with our HR solutions. Our HR solutions also enable you to track employee efficiency, attendance, and other key factors.
Customer Relationship Management
Maintain a database of customer profiles and manage your customers efficiently to nurture leads to profitable customers with our CRM solutions.
Purchase Management
With our purchase module, you can optimize inventory and supply chain overheads and maintain high operational efficiencies. With our advanced analytics dashboards, you can keep track of what is selling and what is not to take informed business decisions.
Accounting and Finance Management
With our accounting module, you can automate transactions and keep account of profits, transaction history, and, other financial factors. Our systems also support multi-currency transactions for you to carry out business globally.

Benefits of ERP

Full-fledged customization
Improved workflows and collaborations
Enhanced supply chain management
High scalability & Total visibility
Enhanced reporting and planning
Mobility and flexibility
Cost Management ERP
Planing & Manufaturing ERP
Payroll Management

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