Logistics Software Solution

Logistics & Transport and Software development solution reduce costs and improve productivity.

Logistics and Distribution

Our comprehensive logistic and transport solutions optimize the logistics process in a quick and easy way.

Transport Management solution

Transport management systems help in optimized physical movement of goods in an organized and timely manner.

Process Received Orders

The received goods are managed in the inventory and traced with the help of tracking numbers.

Routine Optimization

Our systems work to find out the best routes for optimized transportation of goods.

Track Shipments in real time

With the help of tracking mechanisms, our systems can help you track the goods at any stage.

Billing & Invoice tools

Online billing and invoice methods help in hassle free financial transactions while helping you maintain a large vendor base.

Process Payments & Reports

Online payments can be processed via our tools and financial and logistics reports could be generated.

Supply Chain Management

Our SCM systems helps in management of end to end process from procurement of raw materials to delivery to the target customers.

Receive and Process Orders

The received goods are managed in the inventory and traced with the help of tracking numbers.

Real Time notifications

Real time alerts on status of goods to keep the customers informed.

Inventory Management

Facilities to track and manage the goods present in the inventory via tracking numbers.

Order Forecasting

Our systems help you predict the future demands for products and help in better inventory and customer management.

Personalized Dashboard

Our personalized interactive dashboards help in better management of logistics and warehouses.

Fleet Management System

Our Fleet Management system helps in monitoring of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, and specialist Vehicles etc., which are used for logistic purposes.

Route planning

Our systems help in selection of optimized transportation routes for easy and timely delivery.

Tracking Vehicles with GPS

Our GPS integrated systems help in monitoring vehicle speed, idle time, and optimal routes for streamlined and cost efficient delivery.

Track Fleet Performance

Track the performance of the vehicles used for transportation to understand patters and take timely actions.

Vehicle maintenance

With our tracking systems, schedule proper maintenance, reduce breakdown costs and maintain smooth functioning of the fleet.

Fuel Management

Our systems help track the fuels consumption, performance details and fuel transactions in the most effective manner.

Warehouse Management

Our sophisticated systems help manage both inbound and outbound logistics and help reduce storage and transport costs.

Quality Control

Maintain quality of your products with tools to properly plan and maintain inventory in the warehouse.

Inventory tracking

Track your inventory with the help of unique tracking number systems.

Floor & Reck Management

Floor management software to record the movements of stock from receipt to delivery in a systematic manner.

Courier Delivery

Courier Delivery system that help you cater for domestic as well as international customers in an organized timely manner.

Fare Calculator

Systems to calculate fare based on the distance travelled and services offered.

Route Optimization

Our systems help choose the most optimized routes for delivery for cost and time efficiency.

Status Monitoring

With our GPS systems, shipments can be tracked in real time with live updates.

Report and billing tools

Advanced billing and report tools that can generate custom reports for your convenience.

User Feedback

Receive feedback from your users to better the process your courier system.

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