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People admire the success stories of any achievers, and you have Xmedia solutions to tell that story in the world of mobile Apps development with their innovation-driven applications by dedicated, best and expert Apps developers/ architects who dig deep in to find a unique niche for your App. Make that one perfect dominating application that leads you to live happy and content in your successful business with Xmedia Mobile App development company in Los Angeles. The Xmedia has a successful track record as a leading mobile app development company with over 15+ years of experience, in helping customers across industries and territories to amplify their business productivity providing high-quality, intuitive, and smart mobile Apps that are the fool proof and best quality in Google play store and iOS App store. Today’s world seems to run on smartphones and the internet. People have become  smartphone admirers from dawn to dusk, from home to office, during travel to rest, and beyond. The revolution in technology has increased the dependency on mobile phones, tabs so are the growth of mobile App consumption. Application development has become bigger and faster as the Apps are created every day and it’s going to be the next big thing in one or two years.

X media range of services in mobile App development includes a start-ups and enterprises to industries of retail, healthcare, and energy. Develop the unique App that is your businesstoday from Xmedia’s expert mobile App development team in Los Angeles. Give a personalized experience to your customers and stay dominated in the market with Apps that are provided for multiple platforms Android, iOS, cross-platform solutions. Easy to use flexible, secure, fast loading, apps are in line with the attitude and attention span of current trends of the end-user. Location/territory and budget isn’t usually a factor to grab your services.

Our Services

iOS App Development

Stand outshining in today’s competitive world by making the most of iOS Application development to bring truly efficient and captivating products to your iOS mobile audience. Get the cutting-edge solutions to your I-phone mobile Applications that perform best for diverse  domains that automate your business from Xmedia mobile App development company in Los Angeles. X media is the best choice to build secure, scalable, and chartbuster Apps from the best skilled iOS App developers for your aspiring business creating a lasting experience for your end-users.

Android App Development

There are numerous frameworks of Android Apps development available in the market today for your business needs. However, to choose the unique one needs the assistance of an Android App developer. X media mobile app development company in Los Angeles is the right platform to seek. Get the cutting-edge expert solution for your business needs in native mobile app development, hybrid App development (Xamarin, react native, flutter), game development, Android security architecture, OpenGL using Android SDK (software development kit) from X media. Get assistance for your Android compatible mobile Applications where you get an App prototype within 9-13 weeks delivered by the combined effort of our experts including architects, strategists, designers, and developers.

Hybrid App Development

Develop your hybrid Applications with X media, a leading company that provides the best hybrid App with aggressive and innovative UI design. The designs are robust, highly efficient in generating good ROI, and handle all your business requirements. A hybrid App is a native Application that predominantly uses the users’ interface in an embedded browser component. users cannot differentiate hybrid and native Apps from each other. both can be downloaded from the Apple App store and google play
store, both can be stored on mobile, and both can be launched in the same way. Xmedia mobile app development company in Los Angeles offers you hybrid Apps with empowered functionality and efficiency infused with structured hybrid App development parameters with the latest technologies and techniques. Get your cost-effective App on time with the best quality.

Development Process

X media ensures to help you develop an App around your business idea and minute details of your business are taken care of to grant a  unique featured App. mobile Apps are offered on three platforms such as Android, iOS, and Hybrid. The first step of the mobile app development process is defining the App concept for evolving your idea into a successful App. Does it initiate with seeking answers to what is the type of your business? How you are going earn from the App? What are the features that you going to build? Etc. detailed functional requirements are identified to focus on your business vision on a bigger picture and to derive a strategy roadmap prioritizing your needs by collaborative communication process. Now the process starts to take its shape. Your understanding of our working process is made simple by setting a milestone for the process. breaking up the anticipated work into a series of steps and setting deadlines for each step. Different mobile Apps platform demands different technology stacks. Xmedia mobile development company has the best developers for Android and iOS which makes the skill hunt easy for App development. You are assisted in selecting a unique name for your  business App with the help of experts. This is otherwise called a research phase.

Before materializing your ideas to the design phase, the developers spend dedicative time and energy to understand the details of your App development by staying in constant touch with you. The in-house mobile App designing team of Xmedia is meticulous in UI/UX and diligently works to adapt to all your business needs without a miss. You are assured to get a unique design that is consistent with the current trends of the market. The interactive prototype of the future Apps is created and the prototype simulates the user experience and Apps workflow that is expected from the finished App. This offers you to have a real-time experience of your prospective App’s progress and allows you to early test your App’s design and functionality and allows you to offer some modifications in the dissatisfied areas.

  •  Xmedia mobile app development company in Los Angeles is teamed up with the best app developers in the market and picks you the best technology stack that suits your mobile App.
  •  X media offers you the mobile App with the latest technology. The actual development/ programming starts here. The integral part of mobile App development involves backend /server technology, API(s), and the mobile app front.
  •  X media offers you an agile development Approach-There is a rapid advancement of mobile technologies with new versions released to the market every few months. Agility is a prerequisite to cope with the rapidly changing trends of mobile platforms and devices.
  • X media focuses on understanding your vision as well as your customer’s pain points and needs to deliver a product that makes you and your customer happy and content by outperforming the expectations.
  • X media performs thorough quality assurance (QA) testing during mobile App development that ensures to provide stable, secure, engaging, usable mobile App for your business. To ensure comprehensive QA testing, test cases need to be prepared that address all aspects of App testing. The testing process of mobile App development involves user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, device, and platform testing. it is a vital step in determining the future success of your App to develop that App which gives a first-class impression to the end-user.
  • Xmedia gets into the field and soils the hands to deliver a successful outcome for your App through proven methods involving user feedback and data collection. It removes the unknown glitches/ errors in the end product.

The process of mobile App development doesn’t end after finishing designing and launching the App. The App needs Prompt support for the end-users and frequent patch-up of the gap with improvisation to stay dominating in the market among countless Apps. An essential feature in Xmedia’s portfolio is collaborative communication to keep the customer’s grievances at bay and provide good assistance in maintenance and support whenever you need it. Xmedia mobile app development company in Los Angeles keeps track of the changing trends in mobile devices and platforms and updates regularly to provide excellent user experiences to the end-users.

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