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Developed in 1994, PHP is a strong and flexible platform which supports integration with MYSQL and other database systems. Many applications such as Facebook and Wikipedia are built using PHP due to its comprehensive performance. With 17 years of experience, Xmedia is an experienced PHP development company that delivers sophisticated, robust, and scalable web applications that are apt for your business needs. Our team of experts is well-versed in developing PHP applications for various industry verticals including eCommerce, oil well industries, healthcare, hospitality, real-estate, and many more. Some of our PHP services include:
Custom Application Development
Our team works close with you to understand your business goals and   deliver static, dynamic, and integrated PHP web apps that are apt for your business.
Custom web portals
Our developers have good expertise in creating business-specific web portals using PHP. We deliver B2C portals, B2B portals, enterprise, and corporate portals.
Web API Integrations
Integrate your public, private or internal API’s with PHP systems. Our developers integrate PHP applications with different platforms through API’s to offer you seamless user experience.
Maintenance & Support
We have a dedicated support team who will help you with regular maintenance and updates.
PHP & MYSQL Development
PHP can be easily integrated with MYSQL and other database systems to carry out an effective backend process.

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