AVR Swarna Mahal, a jewellery business, faced a decline in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the implementation of an online Catalog-based shop by X Media Solutions, sales increased significantly.
The concept of “lock your gold” during lockdowns contributed to the revenue of 1 crore rupee in a single day on Akshaya Tritiya.


Beauty bloom, a premier beauty salon in Singapore, approached X Media Solutions to create a visually stunning website to attract new customers. X Media delivered a beautiful and user-friendly website that has effectively drawn in new clientele for Beauty Bloom.
In addition, X Media provides ongoing Facebook and Twitter marketing services to promote Beauty Bloom’s services and special offers, further driving business growth for the salon.


SansRack has experienced a notable surge in sales since partnering with X Media Solutions for eCommerce services. X Media’s expertise in eCommerce has allowed SansRack to streamline its book printing and distribution platform in India, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue.
This success has also attracted interest from publishers looking to utilize Sans Rack’s efficient platform for their own book printing and distribution needs.


X media has successfully launched e-commerce services for ASR consumer production, a prominent consumer products marketer in South India.
The targeted markets include pharmacies, supermarkets, Kirana stores, and tea shops. The user-friendly website has proven to be a major draw for customers resulting in a significant increase in online sales.