The Importance of Responsive Mobile Design for Ecommerce Business 

Mobile Responsive design

The Importance of Responsive Mobile Design for Ecommerce Business

One design that fits all devices provides a new avenue to the end-user or prospective customer to learn more about business by increasing visibility and market awareness of your products and services. If you do not want to lose any potential customers, you require a great-looking website for your eCommerce business that also has optimized for mobile or tablet browsing. It results in happy visitors upgrading to content customers to your eCommerce business.

Currently, the internet is one of the crucial forms of media. Mostly, consumed using desktops and laptops. The latest scenario in the world exhibits once luxuries as today necessities. Smartphones have become a must-have companion for everyone. The end-user preference to use applications in smartphones is growing exponentially every day. They use a smartphone for basic applications such as alarms to Instagram.

Most start-up eCommerce businesses are opting for responsive designs by default, and some of the existing eCommerce businesses are upgrading to it because of the benefits it brings to the e-commerce business. The website design that renders well on devices of different sizes increases the usability and satisfaction of the end-users.

Below are some reasons to prove why responsive design is so important:

The exponential growth of mobile users.

Internet usage on smartphones and tablets devices is growing exponentially every day for every business. In 2011 the mobile browsing took an 11% surge and in 2013 increased to 25%. Every year it is overtaking the percentage of traditional desktop/ laptop internet browsing. Lately, more than 60% of website trafficking comes from mobile devices. Online shoppers prefer to shop from their mobile phones than website login. So having a mobile responsive design is essential for your e-commerce business to grow exponentially.

Great user journey

No matter how well-stocked or informative the website is, When the application is not convenient to use and offers no good surfing and buying experience, you will face a lower bounce rate to your site. What matters most is the user experience and convenience to use. Reach higher customer engagement level with responsive mobile designs.
Studies have shown that mobile apps are more popular than websites, as they are more user-friendly and convenient. Mobile applications cater to better user experience, load content faster and are very easy to use. It is easier to manage a single site than multiple sites.

Greater ROI 

Creating a website that is responsive to mobile devices may demand more investment compared to the usual website. However, it is a winning move proving cost-effective and ensuring Greater return on investment considering in the long run. What every business love most is not just earning also saving them money. It helps them cut down on maintenance costs & carrying costs to their business. SSL, Hosting, and domain everything is streamlined.

Ensures credibility and builds a stronger brand.

Responsive mobile design helps formally to focus content strategy. Instead of focusing on different websites for different domains, everything had done for one primary site in RWD. Establishing the same content design and products helps in establishing credibility. Customers tend to trust your products and services when they discover the uniformity and affirmations of your e-commerce business. It helps to build a stronger brand.

Google loves it.

Google prefers eCommerce sites that are well-stocked, informative, and up-to-date and offer quality products. The websites that can scroll through various devices of different sizes are imperative for good web trafficking. The responsive mobile design arranges the website contents on the device that best fits by resizing, scanning scrolling so that the customers easily navigate the website and get the most of data at a glance. Capture the web traffic that is extremely helpful for organic SEO.

Edge over the competition.

Mobile internet usage is radially increasing, making responsive web design is the need of the hour. Isn’t this a big enough reason for you to make your website responsive? Crawl faster in google and get noticed by people and give an edge over the competition. Few have chosen the responsive website by choice and be among the few and do better in the market.

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