Travel and Hospitality Software Solutions

Attain Business goals through our Travel & Hospitality App and Software development solution

Travel and Hospitality Management Services

Applications to handle cumbersome activities of Travel and Hospitality arrangements including Air
transport, Hotel car rental, Travel management, and other services anywhere in the globe.

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Hotel Booking and services

Custom-made applications to book hotels, compare prices, check room availability and so on.

Online booking

Book rooms online via web and mobile applications.

Real time status

Check status of room availability any time to have a comfortable trip.

360 Degree View

Panoramic 360 degree view of hotels and rooms to get a good idea of where you will be staying.

Hotel Chain Association

Find information on hotel chains and restaurants across the world in your palms.

Customer Rating

Read reviews and feedback by other customers to make an informed decision.

Flight Booking Portal

B2B and B2C travel portals with provisions to compare fare, check airline information, and quick pay fare option.

PNR sync and issue ticket

Applications to track live ticket status, PNR, and cancellations of bookings.

Personalized flight search for Journey

Search the ideal flight service for you based on competitive fares between agents and airlines based on your itinerary.

Multilingual & Multi-currency support

Multi-Lingual and Multi-currency support for users for a hassle free travel.

Ticket Booking and Online payment

Applications to book flight tickets online and pay with secured payment gateways.

Point Of Interest (POI)

Comprehensive directories with information on various tourist spots, restaurants, Bars, Shopping centers, etc in a categorized manner. Tourists can look into the POI’s and plan trips to optimize their travel experience.

Recommendation Engine

Custom engines that will provide information on various tourist attractions for better planning of trip.

Nearby attractions and activities management

Information on nearby attractions, special events, and festivals for tourists so that they get a complete travel experience.

User Feedback

Feedbacks and ratings available for users to choose the best places to visit.

Location Mapping & Navigation

Point of Interests laid out with co-ordinates in form of digital maps to aid travelers during commuting.

Taxi Booking Application

We bring in advanced solutions to the ever-existing cab transportation by incorporating features like in- app calling, car-pooling, fair-estimate, time calculator with respect to journey, and so on.

Time and cost estimate

Systems to generate journey duration and cost associated with it.

Custom ride sharing & car-pooling

Optimizing the cab facility by custom ride sharing and car-pooling to accommodate more passengers along the route.

Vehicle tracking

Real time updates on vehicle position for the passengers.

In-App calling

Option to drive the caller of the cab through app.

Online marketplace for lodging and homestays

Online marketplace application for Lodging, night accommodation, homestays with in app facilities to call, calculate rent, category based search and more.


Create and manage your profile as a host or a guest.

Advance search

Search based on category to find an accommodation that suits your needs – Business and pleasure.


Calculate the cost of your stay based upon your booking type such as same day booking, group booking, or recurring booking.


Refer your friends and let them join your trips with a click of a button.

On-Demand delivery

We provide On-demand delivery solutions that can function in Android, web, and IOS. These apps help users connect with various restaurants and retail stores.
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Search filters

Personalized search results for users based on item categorization and location.

Order customization

Customize your orders based on your personal preference.

Live status

In app features to track the live status of your delivery.

Restaurant/Café franchise management

Advanced systems that help you automate tasks like accounting, scheduling, and inventory control for restaurants and cafés.

App wallet

Facilities to integrate with leading app wallets for seamless payment.

Pick up or delivery order mechanism

Users can choose to pick order themselves or have them delivered home.

Service booking Application

Our service booking applications help user book meetings with service providers, schedule treatments,
brand promotion and so on. Service booking applications remove the difficulties of offline booking and
lets user manage their schedules in an optimized way.

Profile Creation

Create your profile as a service provider and grow your business.

Visual calendar Integration

Automate your calendar to fit your schedules, manage no shows, and move appointments to suit to your as well as the customer’s convenience.

Services Reviews and ratings

Facility for the customers to provide ratings and feedback on the service provider’s performance.

Reminders and Alerts

In app features to remind on appointments, send notifications on schedule status/cancellation.

Cancellations & refund management

Users can apply for refund on cancellations based on the terms and conditions.

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