what makes a high performance web design

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What Makes a High-Performance Web Design

It goes without saying that high-performing websites have higher user interest, retention, and conversion rates. Given how volatile users can be, as well as the fact that mobile devices are increasingly critical these days, website speed has never been more important! In this post, I’ll go through some tips for improving the efficiency of your own websites.
Boosting the Output of Your Website
Over the years, the success of websites and the effect they have had have been well known. In 2007, Amazon announced that every 100-millisecond increase in load time resulted in a 1% decrease in revenue. Similar findings were published by Google in 2006 for their Google Maps product. Google discovered that by reducing the page size from 100KB to 80KB, traffic increased by 10% in the
first week and then by 25% in the following three weeks. Monitoring a website’s output is obvious, and it should not be overlooked as an important part of the web design process.
Image Optimization
Images are one of the most resource-intensive assets that the browser must download, making certain websites painfully sluggish. Instead of using pictures, try to create graphics with CSS whenever possible.

Make bad requests as little as possible.
You may wonder what constitutes a bad request. A broken connection on your blog, for example, will be considered a bad request. Any request that ends in a 404/410 error; any request that leads to a dead-end can be classified as a bad request.

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) operate in a somewhat different way. Rather than hosting only one copy of your website, they host several copies on various servers all over the world.

Page Speed on Google
Google has a handy little tool that lets us monitor the success of many of the variables we’ve spoken about today. If you haven’t checked out PageSpeed Insights yet, you can do so right now. Furthermore, they have a wealth of data and examples to assist you in monitoring and improving the efficiency of your website.

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