Data Analytics and Science

Optimize decision-making through data-driven insights for sustainable business growth

Data Analytics Services

At Xmedia, we empower your business growth and scalability by uncovering actionable insights with futuristic solutions. Leverage our expertise in advanced data analytics services and data science consulting.
At X media, we encourage an optimized decision-making process of any business through data-led decisions but not through instincts. Implementing the right data analytics and science is essential to extracting knowledgeable and actionable insights from structured and unstructured data. Our experts offer you suitable data analytics for your business growth and sustainability.

Advantages of Data Analytics Services Are

Predictive Analytics help your business by optimizing future business decisions using efficient data models.
With the right data analytics, you can predict the future outcomes of taken decisions.
Descriptive analytics help you review past events to derive the right future decisions.

Our Services

Analytics Pathways

Firstly, we start with understanding our clients’ requirements. After a few follow-ups, our Data analytics consulting services team uses many methods that optimize business intelligence tasks by leveraging existing data.

Data Science

Scale data-driven decision-making through ML, Deep learning, and AI services.
• Data mining
• Text mining and NLP
• ML model life cycle
AI solutions

Data and Business Intelligence Fabric

At X media, We offer various next-generation BI tools to accelerate the digital transformations. The X-media team will enable custom build visualizations that reflect real-time information to identify trends, unfold the opportunities and make gainful decisions for the business.
• BI integration, migration, support and maintenance,
• Report scheduling and automation
• Multidimensional Analysis
• Data visualization
• Data engineering
• Data lifecycle management
• Master data management- MDX

Big Data Analytics

• Data gathering, analysis, and support
• Infrastructure setup and support
• Data quality and security management.

Data Analytics Support and Evolution

Our services do not end at deployment. As part of support and evolution services, we ensure that our solutions run successfully and you get constant technical support around the clock.

Why Choose Xmedia?

At X media,
• We have proficient and vast experienced data analysts to spin raw information into meaningful and actionable data.
• We have an advanced and efficient tech stack to build a custom data analytics solution for your quantitative and qualitative business insights.
• We have a dedicated support team to ensure the working efficiency of data analytics solutions provided around the clock.

We focus on the following areas

• Predictive analytics
• Data mining
• Advanced statistical analysis
• Machine learning
• Embedded analytics
• Unstructured data management
• Large data volumes
• Complex data integration
• Industry-specific research and business process analysis

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