What Is Mobile Responsive Design and Why Is It Important?

Mobile Responsive Design in chennai

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Website responsiveness refers to the ability of the website to adapt to the user’s needs and the devices they are using. Responsive web design ensures that your content adapts itself to fits devices of varying sizes and resolutions to provide the optimum experience for the user.
When smartphones came around 2007, the websites were designed for desktops and have compressed in a smartphone having it tough to read the contents present in the websites because of no optimization for content consumption. When your website needs to operate on a smartphone, there are many things to be considered to change that includes layouts, font size, resolution and etc. As we move forward with time, more mobile devices pop up in the market every day ranging in sizes challenging the web designer to create an appropriate design.
Why is it important to have a Mobile Responsive Design?
Here we have listed some of the reasons to have a website design that renders well with mobile devices of all sizes.
1. Optimize browsing experience
Mobile responsive designs optimize content consumption, enhancing user experiences. You do not have to pinch and zoom when you land on a webpage on your mobile device with RWD. Having an RWD (responsive web design) avoids draining your energy and gives a good browsing experience. If your website is not responsive to mobile, chances are your potential customer just walked out before you even had a chance to present them with your content.
2. Increased web traffic generated from mobile devices
It is no more a secret that people use their phones to access the internet more than ever before. Recent analysis shows that more than half of the web traffic is from mobile devices. So, it is an absolute necessity that you build a website that is responsive across all devices. E-commerce website development companies can help you with the task.
3. Saves you money
Why everyone does business?

Yes, it is to earn money. With the responsive mobile design, all you require is an initial investment. When SSL, hosting, domains get streamlined, you can save maintenance costs and the carrying cost of your website with RWD. It is cost-effective.
4. High Google Ranking
Apart from usability and customer experience, website responsiveness also plays a vital role in how Google ranks your website. Want to improve your website ranking…??? you do not prefer to ignore website responsiveness. So, building a website with a mobile-first approach also has the added benefit of boosting your organic discovery.
5. Saves Time and Effort
Maintaining different websites on different devices is exhausting as well as time-consuming. All designs in a single device save time and energy.
As we already said, the highest web trafficking comes from a smartphone, the visibility of your website content in mobile phones with RWD reaches more and more people. It helps to flourish your business  scaling it high.
6. Build a brand
When online visitors see the same content of your website across many devices of ranging sizes, they tend to trust the brand for authenticity resulting in significant leads and conversions.
7. Easy go
Adding or modifying the content to multiple websites is made easy with RWD. It even fastens the task completion of updating the information on the website over the devices as you need to cater to a single site. Analysis, tracking, and as well as reporting become much easier with RWD. You can work on consolidated data from a single source.
8. Edge over the competition
The RWD has yet to reach many of the company websites. Many websites are not mobile-friendly yet. So, it is a winning move to adapt to the latest trend and make the most out of it. By the time your competitors think of transforming their websites to RWD, you will be far ahead.

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