Ecommerce Website Design Company

Design your Own Custom Website with Our Best Web Development and Designing Services. Are you looking for an Ecommerce web design Agency? Our designers will help you to enhance ROI/leads by using technology, design & creativity.

Ecommerce Website Design Company

Design your Own Custom Website with Our Best Web Development and Designing Services. Are you looking for an eCommerce web design Agency? Our designers will help you to enhance ROI/leads by using technology, design & creativity.

Grow your business with an eCommerce website design company

Amplify your customer engagement and retention by availing yourself of the excellent website designing services of Xmedia.

X-media expertise in eCommerce website designing will help you create uniquely designed, well-organized, user-friendly websites to boost your sales. Our custom-made eCommerce website designing solutions are flexible, scalable, and come with several unique features for any industry of any scale.

With many of the customers moving online to purchase products, having an eCommerce website is becoming critical for staying in the competition. We develop eCommerce websites for any industry of any scale. We at Xmedia provide you custom-made eCommerce websites that are flexible, secure, and scalable. Our team of experts laisse with you from initial consulting and brainstorming, through development and implementation. Our robust eCommerce websites have several features such as multi-lingual support and multiple payment gateways. Contact us today and let us know what you need to have your own custom-made eCommerce store.

Some of the features of our ecommerce stores include

Shopping Carts

Our online ecommerce stores have a free SSl-certificate. Our stores support a 100 payment gateways and checkouts in more than 50 languages.

Customer Management

We provide you with analytics solutions so you can understand your customer’s spending habits at a glance. You can also categorize customers based on location, purchase history, and so on.

SEO Friendly

Our online ecommerce stores have customizable H1, title, and mega tags so the search engines can easily rank your
website. You can also integrate your ecommerce websites with social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Why choose Xmedia for your eCommerce website design solutions?

Xmedia is the one-stop solution to drive your business's online presence and boost sales. The benefits you reap from checking in with an expert eCommerce website design company are tremendous.

Xmedia delivers stunning design to turbocharge your eCommerce website at minimum cost.

Our qualified team of experts implements premium strategies and techniques and ensures to deliver a project within a timeframe that functions with full potential.

Xmedia ensures to deliver highly responsive, customizable themes and SEO-friendly website designs.

The lauding features of our websites are the best product navigation ability and multiple payment gateways presence.

Our company websites give you a free SSI certificate for your eCommerce stores.

Xmedia has a trust base of many businesses worldwide for handling everything related to website designing.

Technologies we use

Xmedia builds excellent user experiences creating a positive impact on customers, brand value, and conversion rates. We use the platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Os Commerce, Woo-commerce, Presta shop and OpenCart to design and develop the most efficient and professional custom eCommerce website solutions.

Our maintenance and support services

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Pros of SaaS E-commerce platforms are the platform is easy to use e-Commerce specific software, scalability, and robust security.
Cons of Sass eCommerce platform include the need for Monetary investment and restricted branding.
An open-source eCommerce platform gives full access to the source code to the user. They are often free to download. Anyone can modify and customize the platform to their specific needs.
Prestashop, shopware, Magento, OpenCart, Zen cart are examples of an open-source eCommerce platform.
Gathering data using E-Commerce Survey questionnaires enables you to make decisions based on the inputs from the target people – customers. The questionnaire includes several factors to derive valuable inputs from customers that contribute to the success of an online business as a whole.
There are many products where we can apply e-commerce.
• Computer products (hardware, software, accessories)
• Books
• Music
• Financial Services
• Entertainment
• Home Electronics
• Apparel
• Gifts and flowers
• Travel services
• Toys
• Tickets
• Information
E-Commerce stores are online shopping application that provides a business gateway between product vendors and customers. Example Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart.Snapdeal, etc.
• Score the perfect domain name.
• Sign up to a hosting provider.
• Install WordPress.
• Install and configure WooCommerce.
• Add products.
• Choose a theme.
• Install additional plugins.
• Add content that converts.
• Make your site public.