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Mobile SEO Services

As more and more users frequently access the Internet on smartphones such as iPhones, Android, and other high-powered handheld devices, the mobile web has emerged as the new frontier in the growth of websites. In reality, as the most used digital interface platform, the growth of mobile Internet usage now outweighs traditional desktops.

You have to make sure your site is designed for portable browsing with mobile-friendly navigation, screen layout, content, and overall design in order for your company to excel on the mobile platform. You would also want to make sure that mobile-specific features and functionality are taken advantage of by your platform.

Learn more about mobile SEO services benefits.

Features & Functionality of mobile websites
Projects for mobile web creation generally cover a variety of features, including:

  • Standards-compliant, responsive templates for pages
  • Touch-friendly navigation and interface
  • Integration of the brand
  • Features unique to mobile devices, such as click-to-call and SMS
  • Cartography and geo-location
  • Detection and Redirection of Devices (where applicable)
  • Integration and configuration of the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integration with and availability of 3rd party applications
  • Integration of social media
  • Optimization of mobile search engines (SEO)
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Completely supported, with optional packages for hosting and support

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