Shopify App development – Custom Shopify wholesale app

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Shopify App development - Custom Shopify wholesale app

Shopify offers merchants the ability to add extended functionality and custom integration to their e-commerce stores. Outreach more customers with a shorter period through bulk selling with Shopify wholesale app. Shopify offers a merchant to sell bulk products with good discounts and provides good business opportunities to Middlemen. X media assists you create a wholesale Shopify app that fits your eCommerce stores and encourages your B2B business to grow your sales.

What is the wholesale Shopify app?

The wholesale Shopify app gives you various benefits and is easier to do than ever with zero hassle. Shopify and Shopify plus encourage app that helps other businesses to thrive.
It helps to decide the pricing of the wholesale products. As a Shopify shop owner, you can utilize it to make customized price cuts for potential customers or orders. Wholesale Shopify apps allow merchants to outreach their customers with bulk sales with discounted prices and grow their business. The cost of the product keeps decreasing with more quantity of orders. The wholesale Shopify app provides the merchants complete control over its customers, their tier, tags, prices they are supposed to find.

What are the features of the wholesale Shopify app?

• Merchants can categorize the buyers based on their average purchase and also customize the discount margins. Tier the bulk customers as wholesalers is an automated feature offered by the tag. It increases profit margins to the buyer and increases sales to the sellers.
• The app comes with zero recurring charges.
• Create your fully-fledged can feature rich wholesale e-commerce App. The functionalities are not limited to the charges.
• The visibility of the product price varies based on the tiering of the customer at the same time.

X media has expert developers to collaborate with you for your business solutions. It approaches the agile process and delivers the services adhering to the time.

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